Wednesday, March 4, 2020

It's What I Do

I teach people about toxins. I also help people get rid of these hidden toxins in their homes (and save money, too).
I passionately believe everyone has a right to this information.
What they decide to do with it is their choice but they deserve to know.

There are typically 3 reactions to this information:

1) Some people will take the ostrich approach and bury their heads in the sand.

"Too much information," they will cry. "I can't fix it all so why bother to do anything?"
"We are all going to die so it might as well be this that kills us."

To those people I have nothing to say.

2) Others are problem solvers who are solution oriented and focused on course correction . . . They understand these facts and like a protective lioness they will take action to make positive changes for their families.

Sometimes they see the facts as many pieces to a puzzle. Sometimes people feel a wave of panic because they do not know where to start. 
This is where I can help  -- I have been doing it for 13 years and I am good at it!

3) Still others remind me of the wise owl and will begin to research every single thing and every possible avenue of action. These overly cautious (to a fault) folks often do not make any changes until they feel like they understand every chemical and every source of toxicity --- sometimes these folks morph into ostriches (warning!)

I can help here, also. I know what can be done quickly, efficiently and frugally so that while they are researching there are already safer measures in place.

Yep, it's what I do and I LOVE IT! I am making a difference and I have always wanted to do something that helped people and made a positive difference.

My best advise is, "Do not be an ostrich."

My son says that this post should be called, An Alert to The Toxic Atmosphere in Homes Today. He says to remind you that if there are too many puzzle pieces to sort through quickly -that is OK. You start with one at a time and "my Mom can help because she is great at her job!"
*Blush* I loved his vote of confidence. But I am good at this because others have helped me. Our business is a team effort. We help each other stay up to date on all the latest research, findings and laws.

Let us help you!

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