Tuesday, January 1, 2019

So Much to Say

• You have met someone you would really like to work with and they are on the look-out for a part time (or full time) job.  OR

• You know someone who has decided to homeschool but still need to bring in an income.  OR

• You have been told about a friend of friend who needs to go back to work but does not want to put her kids into daycare.  OR

• You have a friend who hates her job.  OR

• Your friend just graduate from college with tons of debt and no job in sight.  OR

• You know an enterprising 18 year old who wants to work to pay for college.  OR

• You have neighbor who just got laid off. OR

• Your friend is pregnant and want very much to be a stay-at-home-Mom.  

What to say? How to explain?  
There is so much great information swirling around in your head that you do not even know where to start.  

Here is what Amber says,

"Imagine that Sam's Club and Costco introduced commissions for referring new customers. You bring somebody new into their Club and if that new person joins, they will be forever linked to your account. So any time that new member shops you will earn a commission. 

Once a month the club direct deposit your commissions right in your bank account.

Would you refer customers to Sam's or Costco if they did that?

If you answered yes to that question, then we really do need to talk because that's exactly what I do but for a green manufacturer completely committed to scientific discovery and being safe for the whole family.

You join the shopping club yourself for $19 (for limited time, $1) and then once that is done you simply refer others and earn commissions at whatever pace you would like, no extra cost, no need to "buy in" like those shady MLMs, no pressure at all, just an honest opportunity . . . at last. 

Since I will be the one to refer you, our accounts can be linked, I'm always open to meeting for coffee or by phone to answer your questions. 

Oh and, you can also simply shop and never refer, if you choose!"

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